The Body Series Part III: Maintaining A Spray Tan

11th April, 2017


A good fake tan relies equally, in my opinion, on three factors;
preparing your skin properly, a great tanning formula, and caring for your skin properly post-tan. 
Honestly, the third and final video in this series could have just been 6 minutes of me yelling "MOISTURISE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD" down the lens, but there's a few other points I wanted to touch on.
Firstly, having understanding of HOW false tanning formulas work (see part 2 of this series) can completely alter the importance you place on moisturising. We all have some sort of awareness that moisturising will help our skin, but an understanding of active tanning ingredients and how they work has cemented exactly how important hydration is for making a tan last without flaking off. 
Secondly, I wanted to talk about how you can enhance your tan with cosmetic bronzing products (as you know, this series is sponsored, but Brazilian Butterfly's Tan Highlighter has been a makeup kit stalwart of mine to use on bridal and photographic clients for a while). 
Thirdly, I think it's important to just acknowledge that a fake tan isn't going to last a lifetime, so when the time comes to slough off the old and prep for the new, you've just gotta do it.
I hope this series has been helpful to one of you at the very least. Clear skin and a healthy tan make me feel so confident and really beautiful in my own skin, and confidence is something everyone deserves to have- how you build it up, however, is entirely your choice. This is mine.