Should You Change Your Skincare Each Season?

Should You Change Your Skincare Each Season?

If you’re even asking, you know the answer. Yes- you should change your skincare each season.

Regardless of how thorough you are with your skincare, the weather will almost always effect your skin. Most people complain of dry skin come winter time (we’ve talked about this- both the cold wind and artificial heating will suck the moisture out of your precious skin and there is literally no escape), thus winter is a good time to change up your skincare and reach for richer, more hydrating products. The same basic principle applies as we approach summer.

Let’s talk about sweat real quick. Sweat can clog up the pores, and with blocked pores comes bacteria, and with bacteria comes acne and annoying spots (which is also why you should always remove your makeup thoroughly before a workout and not argue with me). As summer draws closer, it can be worthwhile replacing the richer products in your skincare routine, such as heavy creams and oils, with lighter products like lotions and serums.

Gemma Watts for Paula's Choice skincareWith that in mind, it’s equally important to never deprive your skin of moisture or work overtime to strip your skin of any oil. Our skin naturally produces oils to protect our skin from external and free radical damage, and when we remove that protective layer we allow our skin to become more or less a petri dish for bacteria, only worsening the problem.

I rely heavily on Paula’s Choice skincare in both my morning and evening routines (you can read about my entire Paula’s Choice routine here), and the first step I’ve altered in the lead up to summer is introducing the RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturiser with SPF 15. This may seem counterproductive- if you’re familiar with my Paula’s Choice routine, you’ll know that my previous daily moisturiser is actually a mattifying product, formulated specifically for slightly oilier skin types thus it’s lighter than my summer option.

Allow me to explain. During the winter, I used an Oily Skin targeted moisturiser, despite having normal to dry skin, as my routine already contained several heavy oils and serums that I layered and cocktailed. As my routine was already quite texture-heavy, the Paula’s Choice team prescribed me a lighter moisturiser to balance those consistencies out. So why a “dry skin” moisturiser for summer? Because I’m refraining from using quite as many oils and serums as my skin begins to produce more natural oils, but I still need a regular moisture boost as my skin is prone to dryness.

Another important thing to incorporate into your summer skincare routine is SPF. I use SPF year ’round, as should you, but if you’ve been doing the wrong thing there is no better time to change your bad habits than right this very second. Despite being formulated for dry skin, I’ve found the RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturiser with SPF 15 to be incredibly lightweight, thus wearing incredibly well under makeup (it doesn’t ball nor does it create a white cast, which I’ve found to be the two biggest problems with many daily sunscreens) and I’m not sure if this helps but my very skincare-savvy mother is nothing short of obsessed with the smell (it’s non-offensive and she says it smells like “old fashioned sunscreen” which we both agree is one of the best scents in the world). This particular formula protects against the entire range of the sun’s UVA rays as well as providing UVB protection.

Yes, you absolutely need to alter your skincare routine as the weather changes, however the changes you need to make are unique to you and your skin type. As a rule of thumb, strip back the thicker textures in your routine and swap them out for lightweight toners, lotions and serums without depriving your skin of moisture entirely. Don’t forget that Paula’s Choice offer an over-the-phone consultation service, which is how my routine was prescribed, so if you’re unsure where to start then take advantage.

Also don’t forget about SPF or I’ll get SO ANGRY.

This post is sponsored by Paula’s Choice Australia, however all views are, as always, my own.



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