An Introduction

24th October, 2016



I think it’s important to note, before we get right into it, that I’m not a makeup artist nor a dermatologist. I have a vested interest in beauty and a reasonably in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, but by no means am I an expert. I am but a lowly journalist. I thought I should be transparent about my standing from the outset so you don’t get invested and figure it out for yourself three posts down the line, like you’ve gone on a couple of dates with a guy under the pretense that he’s a “documentary filmmaker” and after three dates you realise he just makes weekly Vine videos and came second in a movie-themed trivia night at the pub last year.

Beauty has fascinated me since I was 3 years old when my mum did my makeup for my first dance concert. While the overall aesthetic was reminiscent of a circus, a surprising amount of technique goes into drag beauty. I learnt how to apply foundation, how much blush could take me from my skin from looking healthy to that of a porcelain doll painted with a heavy hand and how to apply strip lashes in low lighting at the side of the stage- and from there, I learnt how to pare it back.

Skincare was also something I found myself smitten with as I’d traipse along with mum to the dermatologist on school holidays. I’d watch her have a facial and her dermatologist (who, to this day, I only refer to as “the face lady”) explained to me the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising (toning is a step I have since fallen out of, and back in, love with, which we’ll get to in a later post).

Although I’ve loved beauty for as long as I can remember, it wasn’t until recent years that I realised how much I loved writing about beauty. Working as a fashion editor, I was headhunted by a major international beauty brand who I then spent two years writing, and eventually editing, for. It dawned on me that fashion and beauty are not only inherently linked, but similar in the further learning they allowed- where fashion writing pushed me to explore the art and history of design and the technicalities of fabric, beauty writing encouraged me to look further into the science of what worked and what didn’t and where skincare, makeup and hair styling trends came from. Until now, my Instagram has been the only platform on which I’ve been able to share that knowledge.

Do I think this blog is going to fill a gap in the market? No. Absolutely not. I can’t tell you how many wonderful beauty and fashion blogs I’m subscribed to. My intention isn’t to blog full time, nor has it ever been. We launched this website as a digital portfolio of sorts, and not including some sort of blog functionality felt like a wasted opportunity. This is merely an extension of my social media platforms. There’s only so much information I can fit into an Instagram caption, and the demand (demand probably isn’t the right word as it sounds quite aggressive, but it’ll do) for more information has increased via comments and direct messages- more requests for in depth reviews, for swatches, for comparisons and for tailored recommendations. This is my response. This platform will be as honest and candid as my Instagram is- I’d have just called it Honest Beauty but firstly, Jessica Alba stole it while she was busy living the life I am clearly supposed to be living and secondly, this blog will also cover fashion and the occasional dab of lifestyle on the rare days when my “life” and “style” are working cohesively as one.

I look forward to updating this as frequently as I can in the hopes that I don’t get bored as I have done every time I’ve attempted to keep a diary in the past, and I hope you look forward to reading more if you can stomach a dry sense of humour and the occasional bout of shameless self promotion. Enjoy.

Gem x